Therapeutic Massage

Each healing session will include aroma therapy, CBD, hot stone, cupping (fire or contemporary.) and reflexology. There is NO additional costs for these enhanced experiences. Please inform your therapist if you wish to have either or both included in your session. Your therapeutic session is blended to each of our client’s needs. This session can range from deep tissue point work, to medium touch flowing relaxing massage. We’re ready to melt your stress away. Your session will be nothing short of pure bliss.

60 minutes | 90 minutes | 120 minutes sessions available

Neuromuscular Massage

Neuromuscular Massage is a specialized form a deep tissue that addresses trigger points that cause pain and tension in a muscle. Using different techniques, the therapist releases these trigger points, decreasing pain and increasing range of motion in a muscle, bringing balance back to both the nervous and muscular systems.

60 minutes | 90 minutes sessions available.

Somatic Bodywork Therapy

Somatic Bodywork Therapy is a blended therapy that includes “MTR” Musclo-tendal re-education (kineso-therapy pointwork inspired by the five-element chart) along with mindset coaching. Mindset plays an important role in healing. With the proper mindset you can heal yourself. Disease and pain are manifested throughout the body, based on your mindset. We will do an intake of your health, then discuss what emotions play a role with each ailment. 

90 minutes | 120 minutes sessions available

The Healers Palette

Drift away with the sweet smell of burning sage. Find your mind-body connection with guided meditation. As you reach a state of deep relaxation, your practitioner will do chraka reading and balancing followed by reiki healing, aroma therapy, and massage.

90 minute | 120 minute sessions available